I aim to share information, to help people thrive and to make powerful knowledge accessible to all. I’ve established an inspirational Instagram, an informational microblog, Powerful Tips blog, a women's event, and the first float tank in Iowa. Coming in 2017 I will add massage therapy and consultative health coaching. 


My Beginning

This wellness mission started at the age of 25 when a routine health screening showed high cholesterol of 261. After a year of changing diet to more plant based, removing dairy, adding activity, increasing the positivity in my environment, involving myself in the community and much more I began to see positive results in my life. At first it was more superficial. The caffeine to stay up, the half asleep nights, and food for reduced weight and not for nutrients. In more recent years it has become living a natural path of reducing chemicals in my food, drink, home care, body care and adding more whole foods high in nutrients. My focus changed from the size of my jeans to the length and quality of my life.   -> view more here


“Life is not about creating the perfect bubble to live in. It's about living in this world at peace within ourselves admist the chaos.”

— Jackie Fetter, FOUNDER


Wellness doesn't have to mean a rigid life void of fun and excitement. Imagine being active well into your later years, enjoying your every moment on this earth and feeling great everyday. -> view social media here


Our Mission

My life has been a road of self discovery, riddled with adversity and heart break. To combat this adversity, I've found knowing myself and helping others to be my soul food. If I can share my journey, my insights and any useful information or people I've met along the way then my mission is complete. By introducing people to their authentic self and greatest good their wellness will reveal itself. There is no hidden secret or magic pill, just pure honesty of their own truth.



of meals are made at home


of Americans are very happy


of us deserve to love ourselves


By providing a source and motivational platform I hope to spread the joy of wellness to others. In a world that moves fast I'm also offering insight into how to participate in life's offerings without spending our time on the daunting tasks.  -> view the microblog here


Get Involved

If you live near Cedar Rapids, get involved with local health based events and creative projects and events. I accept any question about where to start or how to get motivated. There is a certain level of responsibility we all have in our own path, but when you're in need of an expert I can help point you in the right direction. I'm here to help.  ->view contact information here

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